Tuesday, 26 October 2010

39 of 52 - WIP busting continued

So yesterday I showed you my WIP bucket and my mission to clear as much of it as I can.  Well, I have success to report!

Not only did I finish a number of WIPs but I also found some finished things that needed photographing for listing!  WIN!!

The pile of finished things looks like this:

So 4 bears, 1 waterproof bag and 4 waterproof lined purses, a pile of padded hexagons for baby spills etc, 3 gonks, an embroidered bag (I found this finished but it needs ironing today) and a sale!!  Oh and I should have added a pair of gloves that i've finished for my Father-In-Law's Christmas present, but I'd hate to spoil the surprise ;-)

I call that a very productive day.

So the remaining WIPs look like this:

So that's the Pooh kit (GAAAAAHHHHHH!!!) the dress (in the Fenwick's bag) and the embroidered shopping bag to be ironed.  That means that the ironing board will be out and I'll probably end up tackling the ironing pile as well.  This morning has mostly involved preparing this blog, doing some work for UK Handmade and trying to work out what socks to knit my Dad for Christmas.

So keep an eye out in my ClareBears shop for those new things coming soon!


  1. blimey, well done!! *applauds*

  2. I am really impressed with how organised you are! (I had a Pooh kit languishing in my to-do pile for ages and ages until I passed it on to someone more organised than me...)