Monday, 25 October 2010

38 of 52 - WIP busting

I have had the worst case of start-itis just recently.  Too many ideas, with too few chances to do them.  As a result my WIP bucket is looking like this

And it's not a great picture but there is a waterproof lined bag for things like wet baby clothes etc there, some quilt wadding (which will be used along with the rest of the pile of hexagons from this post) and there are some bears, gonks and a dress to complete.  And with Baby Bears' arrival now imminent (less than a month to due date - eep!) I really think now is my best chance!

The dress has been there the longest and will likely be the last thing finished.  I cut it out in January (yes really) but it kind of got a bit put aside in my eventful year.  So the first job is to add a handle to the bag (like a wrist handle thing), hand sew some bears (there's a Winnie the Pooh in there that needs finishing but it's an awful pattern/kit and I don't wanna!) and then onto a couple of gonks that need finishing.

And i'm not letting myself start anything new until its clear.  You have to hold me to that!


  1. ooh, love that choklit polydot bag, bearz! hurry up and finish it first cos i wants to seeeeee!

  2. I like to call it 'slow crafting' the way there is a 'slow food' movement. We know we'll finish them eventually, it just takes time :)