Monday, 6 September 2010

29 of 52 - A busy week gone and another to come

Since the Bank Holiday I have been super busy.  We had some good friends visiting my parents for the Bank Holiday so we spent a lot of time there.  The four day week meant that I ended up with a shorter week to get things done and on top of that my laptop broke (woe is me!).  AND this week, my husband is off work and we are decorating the Nursery ready for the new arrival.

That has meant the horror of trying to find space for all my materials and stock!  Like this new guy:

My new bear design is available in my Etsy shop and with my new stockist Bramhope Bears.  And this guy made me laugh so much that there will be many more like him!

I also want to give everyone a little bit of a heads up.  The shops WILL be closed for at least two weeks in November when the baby arrives.  This means that it's going to be tight come the Christmas posting deadlines to get your orders in.  Please order early to avoid disappointment.  Especially if you're not in the UK as extended delivery times mean you will have to order early.  I will also not be taking any special orders after the 1st of October.  So if there is something special you want then please contact me now!

So i'll catch you next week when i'll be covered in paint and wondering where the hell everything has been put!

Have a good week all x

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