Tuesday, 24 August 2010

28 of 52 - My process (and some entertainment)

Bleurgh!  That sounds way to grand but I suppose the way in which I design a toy is a process.  Even though it sounds a bit pretentious to call it that.

So, if I have an idea in my head, I'll often drag out a few old patterns to get shape comparisons for various parts.  I then start drawing out the pattern pieces to try and get the desired size/shape of bear.  And often, I end up making the pieces out of construction paper to make sure I have the scale and fit right.  This part is a bit fuzzy.  I'm still not even sure how I do it myself.

But eventually, we get a toy made from fabric.  Sometimes they work well first time.  Sometimes they don't.  Here's a couple of examples that worked:

The first patchwork bear came out well.  His ears are a bit big but the basics are there.

And the first sock bear came out quite well too.  Although they look a lot different now and look lots different in colour.  But you can see that they change slightly along the way, I develop better shapes for parts, I reposition features slightly and, in the case of socks, each material can be different so you just have to see how they turn out sometimes.

Now these guys have been sitting looking forlorn for many months on my desk while I kept thinking 'What is wrong with you two?'  Well, they were sitting on my shelf and I managed to throw some fabric over them, obscuring their ears.  Without the ears I could see the problem.  They weren't bears at all!!  They were dogs!

So a bit of minor adjusting and some new ears and they look better.  But you'll see that i'm not entirely thrilled with them.

So, neither are perfect yet, but I have refined the pattern to have shorter arms like the one on the left.  I'll do a nose like the one on the left (only straight) and eyes and ears like the ones on the right!  Now I just have to work out what to do with the two not so perfect ones....  Tell me in the comments what you think and i'll entertain you with this musical interlude:

(I totally have this stuck in my head now.....)

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