Friday, 13 August 2010

26 of 52 - The Gonk Tales

A few Gonks have ventured out into the big wide world.  And a few of them are having adventures along the way!

The first one I heard back from was Diego, who went on a walking holiday up in Scotland!

And he sent us back this postcard from John O'Groats.  I did hear that Diego tried to jump into the sea at John O'Groats but he was held back by his heroic owner.  Diego lives in Newcastle with my Father in Law and is often off on camping trips now.  Diego's adventures will continue :)

The next adventures is from the laydee's man of the gonk family!  The aptly named 'Bonk' (don't ask!).

(Click the image for a bigger version)
He got all spruced up for his date with a ClareBear!  The ClareBear in the photos was made over 12 years ago for a special birthday present.  Oh how they've change in all that time!  You'll be glad to know that the Gonk and Bear are currently living happily together in Northumberland.

This blog post was brought to you with the help of the complete mentalists that are Malcolm Freemantle (My Father In Law) and Allen Hurst (My Dad).  Thanks xx

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