Thursday, 15 July 2010

22 of 52 - It's Christmas!!!!! (In July)

So this is a quiet time of year for retailers.  There's nothing exciting happening, we're in a holiday lull and the schools are about to break up for six whole long weeks.  So, in order to drag us all through the mid year slump (especially when it's raining cats and dogs like it is now!) Etsy sellers from all over the world have a Christmas In July sale.  And well I decided to join in!

So, go to my shop and go and take 25% off everything there!  That simple, i'll refund you via Paypal at the end (that's just cos I can't go through and edit all the prices, i'd go madder).

Head there right now and grab a bargain before anyone else does!

1 comment:

  1. your gorgeous bears are already fantastic value for the hard work and quality finish you invest in each one... but good luck with the sale anyway :))