Tuesday, 6 July 2010

21 of 52 - Oh Blimey!! I didn't realise it had been that long!

Oh dear, I neglected my blog again.  It was the 9th of June when I blogged last.  So I'd best tell you what I've been up to.

I've been knitting!  I love to knit and I now have a really good excuse.  My Twitter followers and friends around the interwebs are probably aware that we have a baby on the way due at the end of November.  I mean that's pretty big news but time is marching on and now that 20 weeks is approaching, you sort of go 'eeep!' and get your butt into gear organising things that you need.  So I started to knit.

And so far, I'm getting head start.  As you might have noticed, we don't know what it is yet (and we don't intend to find out) so it's neutrals all the way.  I've even got a mint green and a white cardigan that need buttons and little finishing touches before they can be photographed.

We also have had a holiday!  woot!  It was a lovely week in a caravan in Moffat, Scotland.  The caravan was kindly loaned by my in laws and we had a lovely chilled out week.  We did go to Edinburgh Zoo and saw penguins and monkeys and lions (oh my!).

And of course there are some new things coming.  Here's a sneaky peak of my latest work in progress.

Now I must go and write a note in my diary about doing a blog post every week.  This Mummy brain is not doing me any good!


  1. Very cute knitting! We couldn't wait to find out what we were having. Thought it would make choosing names easier...it didn't!

  2. Oh great news! I remember you saying some time back on the Etsy forum that you'd been trying for a baby since your wedding and hadn't had much luck, so that's brilliant!