Monday, 27 July 2009

How to add an Etsy Mini to your blog post

This is to see if you can add an Etsy Mini to a blog post.

And it would appear that you can, except Etsy is not working well right now!

Here are some instructions on how to do it:

1. Go to your blogger dashboard and creat a post (I figure you all know how to do this and don't need me to tell you how.)
2. The go to your 'Posting' tab.
3. Begin to write your post about your Etsy seller of choice!!
4. In the screen where you're editing you will have two tabs (see below)

Select the circled option.

5. You'll then see the non-fancy version of your blog post with all the code and what-not in it too. Once you've found the spot in the text that you want to put it, copy the code provided by Etsy (Java/HTML version - not the FLASH version) and paste it where you want to see it.

6. Then go back to the 'Compose' tab. You won't see the Etsy mini until you publish the post, so you will see a blank space at first. Now, finish writing your article, save and publish and then go view your blog.

It'll take a second or two to load, but it will give you all of the shop items for the person you're looking to promote.

Voila!! Happy promoting!!

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