Thursday, 9 April 2009

My Front Page

So you know how it goes... You're in the middle of making dinner, ok tomorrows lunch for my best friend from uni and her husband and my gorgeous god-daughter, and you've barely eaten youself. Reheated fish pie from last night hasn't quite hit the spot so you're feeling a bit woosy. You log onto Etsy for a bit of chat with the UK'ers, ok to talk about cake, and BAM! your own treasury looking back at you!
So after shouting at the OH to come and look and then reading all of the nice things that people said about it, I finally remembered that there was a curry merrily simmering away and a bakewell tart to check on! Well, nothing burnt and i've had a little more time to reply to the convo I received, check out my new hearts and go back to talking about cake.

Thanks to Etsy for making my bank holiday weekend!

Happy Easter everyone x


  1. FP thoroughly well deserved! And if there's any bakewell tart left over........ :)