Wednesday, 3 November 2010

41 of 52 - And the winner is......

There were 37 entries for the little giveaway!  And there was a great selection of names for my poor sad sock bear.

And the winner is (randomly picked using .......

Tia!!  (who apparently is a Rottweiler) and she said:

I think you should call him Edward Sockbear... after Edward Scissorhands, who was a scarred gentle soul who just wanted to be loved... also he said "I am not complete" and the sock he was made from was flawed... besides the movie makes me cry and Sockbear deserves his happy ending :)

So Edward Sockbear it is!!  Check your emails Tia and send me your address :)

Thanks to everyone who entered and shared the blog post.

1 comment:

  1. wooohoo, I'm a happy pooch, although mummy says I'm not allowed to play with it (oh and for the record, the movie makes mummy cry not me as I am a tough girl obviously ;) ) Going to work out how to check my emails now and reply back, Thanks Clarebear