Tuesday, 28 September 2010

31 of 52 - Using Tweetdeck

I've been using TweetDeck for a while now and find it does all the things I want it to do and a bit more.  After doing a post last week on Google Analytics I was asked to do a little post about TweetDeck and the fancy stuff it does.  So, here goes....

You can download TweetDeck from here.  It's a quick and simple download and doesn't actually steal too much of your computers power while it's running either so it makes it good if you're on a lower spec machine like mine (I use a little netbook most of the time).

When you first run it you'll be asked to enter all of your twitter account details.  So this is benefit number one, you can add more than one twitter account to it.  As well as Facebook, MySpace, foursquare and LinkedIn accounts.  And you can update all of those accounts from one tweet.

When you install it and set up your one twitter account then you can see all your friends, your mentions and your direct messages.  I also have a 'New Followers' column so I can see straight away who is following me and when they start.

The bar along the top is where you tweet from and has some handy things on it.

(click on the image to see larger)

You can also shorten a tweet, translate a tweet and use recent hashtags from it.

Above the bar, there is a + symbol, use this to add a column.  I tend to have a number of columns for different categories.  I follow a lot of people and it's useful to categorise them (like twitter lists).

I think the best features are the scheduling feature (so you can schedule a product listing tweet for a time you won't be there), and the ability to add different columns and accounts.

This is just the beginnings of Tweetdeck and where to go to do different things.  If you have any burning questions about how to do something, ask me in the comments!

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