Monday, 18 January 2010

3 of 52 - A few favourites

There are lots and lots of amazing sellers in the UK so I thought i'd share a few of my favourites.

The sellers are (from the top!)

AliBaliJewellery who made an amazing ring for my sister for her birthday
MooCowHandknits who made those gorgeous elbow length gloves for the same sister for Christmas
QuercusSilver who made a gorgeous pendant that I received for Christmas (I say received, I bought it and gave it my husband and said 'you can give me that for christmas....')

I hope you enjoy them too!


  1. Super findings!!!
    I love the things Quercus makes too and One day I'll buy from herI am sure. MAybee do the same like you, hihihihi

  2. Thanks Claire! Glad you like your "surprise"

  3. Great items Clare! LOL buying your own present and giving it to your DH to wrap up for you!

  4. oooh, don't we all look nice together!! Thank you Clare! x