Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year - 1 of 52

There's an ominous title!

Yes I plan to blog once a week for the next year. This goes completely against my resolution to NEVER make a resolution but if this is one small thing I can do on the way to world bear domination it's a good thing, right? I even have a calender of things I plan to write about and everything! Now, just to write about something every week! I suspect some entries will be cop-outs and just be some pictures of things I've made or new things I've found that I like. So in that vain, here are some things I made for the delightful Miss Maisy!

This cute guy was made from one of the pairs of socks she sent me! This is the other:

I hope she likes them!


  1. wahoo! she loves 'em to bits - thanks so much clare! hugs and smooches *mwah*

  2. So cute! I make sock pets, but no bears yet - yours are something to aspire to I think!